Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) –  What it can (and can’t) do:

As the name implies, I repair dents on cars without repainting them. The way I do it is very different from conventional body work. It is a trade that when practiced with passion requires strength, endurance, and the patience of Job.

My method is simple and non-invasive. No replacement parts, no repainting. In short, I push the dent out from the inside, but of course it’s not as simple as that.

My tools consist of about 120 extremely strong, high-carbon steel rods in various shapes and sizes which allow me to utilize the structure of the car itself to leverage enough power and control to move the car’s metal skin from the inside in absurdly small increments back to its original shape without disturbing the painted surface.

Access to the back of the dents comes primarily from openings built in to the car such as drain holes and window sills. There are places on cars where its structure makes accessing the back of the dent impossible, but an inquisitive mind and twenty years of experience help keep those situations to a minimum.

Most of the dents I repair are caused by careless or unlucky happenings in parking lots and garages. What these dents have in common is their size and relative depth; they’re wider than they are deep. For example, a dent as big around as a basketball but only an inch deep may be repairable, but one that’s half an inch around and quarter of an inch deep (like one caused by a BB gun) is not repairable—the metal is too stretched.

With all of this said, you may be surprised by what I can repair. And if some basic conditions are right, I enjoy a challenge. It’s why I’m as good as I am.


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