web_GUY_040316DentGuy California Inc is compromised of, well, me; Guy Crutchfield, and sometimes Bill Salguiero II, my trusted and furry assistant.

I first learned the art of Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) with a little luck and a lot of persuasion in Atlanta, in 1996, from men who remain the most talented I have ever encountered in this field. Once I completed my apprenticeship, I moved to Charlotte, North Carolina to master the trade. There, I developed a loyal client list including Hendrick BMW, one of the largest BMW dealers in the world. Over the course of six years I fixed literally thousands of dents. Many of those repairs were for one of the most discerning clients I’ve ever had. Having a client that at once demanded and appreciated excellence on such a large scale was the perfect crucible for my drive towards perfection. I was (and still am) in love with the work, but that Carolina humidity took its toll on me. So in the summer of 2002, with the blessing of those same critical clients and friends, I moved to the place with a climate perfectly suited to working outdoors on the most beautiful cars: San Diego. Well, Leucadia, to be precise.

Within a year of arriving, I had a solid relationship with the people who remain my key clients and a reputation throughout the county as being uncommonly good at my trade and an honest businessman. My hallmark continues to be the Perfect Repair. While some less experienced (and less committed) techs will leave a dent “mostly” repaired, leaving small pointed tool marks, cracked paint or a somewhat lumpy appearance where the dent was, I take pride in making dents disappear. I’m not satisfied until my trained eyes can’t tell where the dent was. And if I can’t see where the dent was, rest assured that no one else ever will either.

Serving San Diego’s North County

Perhaps your four-wheeled love is a pedigreed 1964 Le Mans racer or maybe its modern heir. Perhaps its body is cold pressed 18 gauge steel or maybe hand hammered aluminum. Regardless, you have a vested interest in maintaining the function and the form of this rolling art. In the past, marring the shape of this sculpture meant the same invasive body work that has been done for a century: stripping, bending, and repainting. For major damage, there is no substitute for this method. Sometimes, in the right conditions, there is another option. A master metal smith that works on painted surfaces, leaving no trace. It is Paintless Dent Repair elevated to a fine art.

If you’re a perfectionist, DentGuy is the only option for you.

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